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Acoustic Guitar Making Course - $500 AUD Deposit

Deposit for Acoustic Guitar Making Course at

Alphington, Melbourne, Australia.


Please download and fill out our

post or email to us at:


Thomas Lloyd Guitars

PO BOX 1162 Research, Victoria 3095

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Acoustic Guitar Making Course Deposit $500.00 AUD

Acoustic Guitar Making Course - Final Payment

Acoustic Guitar Making Final Payment $3,300 AUD

Australian Tonewood Pack

$450.00 AUD

Australian Shipping $25.00 AUD




This Australian Tonewood Pack is Ready to go.

Includes Fret wire, Rosette, Bridge Pins,οΎ  Saddle, Nut and Truss Rod.


Note: Please let us know if you want Native Queensland Kauri Pine for the Soundboard


Your timber pack includes:


1 Set Blackwood back and sides

1  Bunya Pine soundboard

1  Queensland Maple neck

1  Mulga fretboard and bridge

1  Blackwood bridge blank

1 Set kerfed linings QLD maple

1 Set  Bunya Pine soundboard pieces

1  Bunya Pine / QLD maple  side strips

1 Heel block  Queensland Maple

1 Neck block  QLD maple

1 Tail block  QLD maple


1 Truss rod

1 Centre strip Bunya Pine Or King Billy Pine

1  Blackwood headstock veneer

1  Blackwood Bridge plate

1 set jarrah bindings

1 Herringbone rosette

Nut Blank

1 Saddle Blank

Bridge pins