Thomas Lloyd Guitars is located in Alphington, Melbourne, Australia. We are dedicated to teaching the fine art of acoustic guitar making to students of all ages from all over the world.

Chris Wynne


Australian Luthier and Founder of Thomas Lloyd Guitars &

The School of Acoustic Guitar Making

Having been involved in music for the last 40 years, (23 years as a guitar builder), Master Luthier Chris Wynne draws on a wealth of knowledge not only as a player, but having recorded over 6 albums.  Touring the east coast of Australia with performances at the Sydney Opera House, Chris has also taught guitar playing for many years, teaching many different styles of music. He is now one of the most sought after guitar making teachers in Australia.


The school of Acoustic Guitar Making started in 2002 in a small workshop in the Yarra Valley where Chris began his dream of not only teaching people how to build guitars, but also building with 100% Australian tonewoods, something that had never been done before.


In early 2008 he released a 10 DVD box set on how to build an acoustic guitar with Australian tonewoods which is now sold throughout the world. His philosophy on guitar building is that it’s a journey and each guitar that not only he builds, but his students build, is something that lasts with them forever.


Having now taught over 600 students the art of guitar making, from all parts of the world including Canada, New Zealand, Asia, USA and Europe. Chris has not only shared his passion of building guitars, but also has shared his knowledge of Australian tonewoods, which are now being used by some of the biggest makers in the world like Martin and Taylor guitars.


As Chris says “each piece of wood is different and must be assessed in use to build a certain type and sound in a guitar, whether it’s a classical or acoustic. No two pieces of wood are the same and therein lies the art and the journey of what each guitar build brings”.  Chris is in Alphington, Melbourne, Australia but also runs classes in France, Italy, Tasmania and Daylesford.

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